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USPS Frogs Forever First Class Postage Stamps

USPS Frogs Forever First Class Postage Stamps

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The northern leopard frog comes from the family of ranidae, which is the "true frog family."  This frog is a hardy breed and has become the state amphibian of Minnesota and Vermont.

The northern leopard frog is a medium-sized frog, measuring around 2-5 inches long.  It is green or brown with dark spots and can leap 5-6 feet in a zigzag pattern.  Since this frog doesn't secrete anything through it's skin, its color and ability to jump help it to escape predators.

This frog can also slow its heartbeat, which helps it survive winter when it hibernates on the bottom of ponds.  In spring, it emerges as if it never slowed down.  After the northern leopard frog mates, in March-June, it leaves the water and spends the summer in grassy areas.  It has a large mouth and eats the typical small insects, but has also been known to eat birds, gartern snakes, and even bats.

The northern leopard frog produces an enzyme in its oocyte (egg cell) that has been found to attack cancer cells.  This enzyme, called amphinase, can be extracted from the eggs and also can easily be made synthetically.  Researchers are optimistic the enzyme will be an alternative to invasive operation, radiation, or chemotherapy.  The northern leopard frog might just be the hero that makes cancer a non-life-threatening disease.

Issued 2019 but valid forever the current First-Class Mail 1-ounce price.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jason mcc
Buy from this seller

It was well packed and worth every penny.

Inara Baker

I bought frog themed stamps and they came in very promptly.

As advertised

I got these for bills and didn't want to have to run to the store for plain ones in town. Out of the options available, I found these to be the best quantity for the price paired with being one of the more attractive looking designs.

Donahue Susanna

I like to have a variety of postage stamps to use for different occasions. Having a lot of frogs in my yard, I was pleased to find a book of stamps depicting the cute little creatures. I will use them for other than bill-paying postage. They will be a happy decoration for envelopes. The order arrived promptly and safely.

Ford Tyler
Cute Stamps

These stamps are so cute! I ran out of stamps so I got these and they definitely exceed my expectations!